GTA IV: The Lost and Damned available in shops?

The Lost and Damned, the forthcoming Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, will be available to buy in shops as well as Xbox Live Marketplace. This is according to the GameStop website, who lists the expansion for $19.99.

The GameStop listing contains a few details of what you get for your money. Instead of a disc you’ll get a “token card” with a code that lets you download the content over Xbox Live. As an added incentive the package will also contain a two-sided poster.

Now this is just TVGB math (which is a long way from the real thing), but $19.99 is the same price as a pre-paid card with 1600 Microsoft Points on it. Does this mean that Microsoft will be smashing the 1200 MP pricing ceiling for The Lost and Damned ? We don’t know, no official details have been released. But considering the amount of money Microsoft parted with for exclusive rights to GTA DLC, we wouldn’t be surprised. The Lost and Damned is released Feb. 17.