Next-gen PSP details very possibly indirectly revealed

So the PSP does really well in some places and not so well in others, but all the same it’s a pretty sound bet that a successor will come one of these days. Along with that sound guess is the one that connects British company Imagination Technologies Group’s announcement of a licensing agreement with a “major international consumer electronics company” involving their upcoming SGX graphics processing chip. A lot of people are thinking that that major company is Sony, and that they’re licensing the new SGX processor, a line you are familiar with because they power those fancy slick Apple iPhones, for use with that super-likely PSP 2, or whatever they wind up calling it.

An interesting thought: This chipset, naturally, can be expected to look a good amount better than current PSP technology, which means that last-gen console graphics will likely arrive sooner than I would have imagined. Heck, even if this speculation is wrong, that’s the likely scenario, and that is a mighty neat prospect on its own. But then again… goodbye, battery life?