Square Enix: Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII not a ‘betrayal’

Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase has spoken out over Square Enix’s decision to release the game on Xbox 360 in Europe and the US. Speaking to Kikizo, Kitase said, “I’d rather they not think of this as a ‘betrayal’ or disappointment. It’s not like we’re cancelling or delaying the PS3 version at all! It’s more of an added bonus for 360 fans. We won’t be putting them at a disadvantage in any way.”

According to the interview, work on the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII has not even started yet. “For development, the PS3 version is currently being worked on,” said Kitase. “We’re going to complete that version first before we move onto the 360. We’re at the state where we can put the build on a [Blu-ray disc] and play them on our testing units.” With the Japanese PS3-exclusive release set for next year, looks like Western audiences may have a long wait before they can get their hands on Square Enix’s flagship RPG.