Horrible game + $$$ = Charity

Very few people have ever experienced the horrible boredom of a game as poorly conceived as Desert Bus. Truthfully, Desert Bus is actually MEANT to be that bad, as it was designed to be a joke from the very start. The game was originally meant to appear on a compilation of different mini-games called Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, a title bound for the Sega CD. Sadly, the Sega CD met and untimely death before the game could make it into gamers’ hands. Luckily though, the game managed to crawl out of its grave and find its way onto the interwebz. But this story isn’t about Desert Bus, it’s about the intrepid folks over at LoadingReadyRun.com who have decided to see how much people would pay to see them play it for a very, very long time. So far they’ve managed to collect over $12,500, all of which will be donated to Child’s Play, a charity that puts smiles on the faces of Children’s Hospital patients all over the country. Head on over to the event headquarters and check their progress, enjoy the live feed, and spare a buck or two for the cause.