Perfection inspires boosted interest in 428: The World Does Not Change Even So

Though it should come as no surprise to anyone, people tend to listen when Famitsu speaks. The magazine carries enormous clout in the land of the rising sun, and when it does something unexpected — like give a perfect score to a game, for instance — readers take notice.

Recall Chunsoft’s Imabikisou, the slightly bizarre graphic novel thriller originally released for the PS3 earlier this year. Back in April, Sega announced that the niche title would be making its way to the Wii later on this year, and while the re-release did not do too well, Chunsoft’s latest title 428: The World Does Not Change Even So seems to be on track to take the opposite route.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, 428 became one of the select-few games to receive a perfect score. The honor makes it the second Wii game to get a 40/40 and the Wii the first console to have two games with the score.

Of course, for anyone outside of Japan interested in the title, don’t hold your breath for a localized release: 428 seems to be just the kind of title that Sega Japan would think it fiscally responsible to keep to themselves.