Blu-ray disc sales at an all-time high

According to, Blu-ray had its best month of sales ever in October, with over 2.3 million disks sold, marking the first time Blu-ray’s sales had topped 2 million units in a calendar month. Compare to the sales from October 2007: 470,000.

Earlier in the year, the future of Blu-ray was in question. It had triumphed over Toshiba’s HD DVDs, sure, but still faced stiff competition from downloaded and streamed videos. Players were also expensive and somewhat problematic. Plenty of critics remain, but the numbers send a strong message. Blu-ray is slowly becoming mainstream.

For all the PS3 fans, this is good news. The larger demand for Blu-ray should lead to more sales of the PS3, a price drop, and most importantly, a stronger online community. Ok, maybe I’m being a tad optimistic about the price drop, but more players can only help. Games like LittleBigPlanet only work because thousands of players contribute. If just 1000 more people buy the PS3 because of the larger demand for Blu-ray, then that’s 1000 more potential players grappling in Resistance 2 deathmatches or 1000 more original levels for everyone’s favorite Sackboy to explore.