Consumers paying $100 extra for Wii on eBay

The ones that own a NES that still functions can probably make a hefty profit if they sell it 30 years from now (or 150 years if we’re able to stay alive for that long in the future). However, not many could have guessed that you could make a profit from selling your Nintendo Wii on eBay on a Black Friday. The shopping day following Thanksgiving in the US, 3,171 Wiis were sold in 24 hours. The average price was $349 — $100 above the recommended retail price.

The situation sounds quite strange to me. Nintendo doesn’t get five stars for their range of consoles compared to the demand, but the situation isn’t all that bad compared to a year ago. From eBay, you’re possibly getting a used console and the cash/product exchange is rather slow. All that turkey and jelly must really have got people’s cravings going for sitting down on the couch and playing de Blob.

By the way, the Wii and Wii Fit are the most searched for products across eBay in all categories. That basically means that Nintendo is losing a lot of money because they can’t keep up with what the consumers want.