MMO game coming to iPhone

Ever since the launch of the App Store, the iPhone has been trying to make a serious push into the portable game market with a variety of games and game types, and Apple has seen success with their strategy as small independent developers have thrived on the hardware. Pencil Aurora Feint onto that list. The company’s first title Aurora Feint: The Beginning was a hit upon its release, and now they’re taking it one further.

The follow-up title, Aurora Feint II: The Arena, will allow players to compete against each other, regardless if they’re actually playing the game or not. Basically how this works is like this: if a player isn’t logged into a game, a challenger can play their ‘ghost’. Other improvements that the sequel will see over its older sibling is the ability to keep up with the latest news and scores, presented on an on-screen ticker. From here players can click on the ticker and be taken to a player hub where every gamer will have a profile page similar to Facebook.

Aurora Feint creators Jason Citron and Danielle Cassley chimed in on how ambitious this game was saying, “Gameplay is bursty, interruptible, and you don’t know exactly when you will leave the game or when to expect your friends to be online. Yet even our casual gaming fans wanted massively multi-player capability and told us they would pay for it. So we built this AMMMO World where you can play at will in an MMO and still take a phone call in the middle without compromising game play.”

If this sounds right up your alley, you can purchase Aurora Feint II: The Arena this Christmas for $9.99.