Newer Xbox 360 model a savior against RRoD?

With a new “Jasper” chipset in place in the new 360 models, owners can expect a sigh of relief. Although it reportedly has been out since as early as late September, there has been a newer report that shows how to tell whether your 360 is a “Jasper” model or a regular one. It can be safe to say that very little to nothing has ever really come up about this seemingly better version until now. No worries, because the news is out now, so here’s what you need to know.

As long as you bought your 360 after October 23rd of this year you should be good. When it comes to what makes it better, the graphics chip is a good start, because it is now 65nm and doesn’t make your system burn up in smoke like the older ones. They also don’t consume as much power and will less likely become loose because they fit more nicely into the motherboard.

VentureBeat reporter and “renowned Microsoft digger” Dean Takahashi has done a write-up on the new model giving us all the details on what to expect, and basically concludes the new model should kill the infamous Red Ring of Death problem. “We’ll see if the systems prove reliable. But logically, they should be a lot better,” he writes. Note that Takahashi was behind a massive six-part series on the thing, so as far as journalists go, he’s about as qualified as you get for the subject.

Another key factor as to why these new 360’s kick the red ring in the sack is because of the internal memory, which has been upgraded from 16 mb to 265 mb. This is some great news, as now people can store the new Xbox Experience, yes, even those with an Arcade can acquire it as well. Another cool little feature? Live Arcade games can be saved on here as well.

Well, I guess there’s no better time than now when it comes to getting the word out. Maybe they waited until now because it is the holiday season when people tend to buy up a storm. Good marketing move, or just a company with Alzheimer’s?