Rumor / EA and Ubisoft talk takeover with SCi

SCi, the parent company to Eidos Interactive, is rumored to be in takeover talks with EA and Ubisoft. This comes a year after a previous rumor that said the company was in takeover talks with an unidentified company. The latest grumblings come from an anonymous source who said that SCi has been contacted by ‘two separate firms’ recently about a possible buyout. According to this source the talks are at an ‘early-stage’ and EA and Ubisoft have been named as the possible suitors.

Interest has been piqued in SCi due to a steep drop in the value of the company. Reports have the company that was once worth £1billion, now going for about £50 million today. What makes it look even more dire, is the fact that one year ago the company was worth £600 million.

No confirmation has been given from any of the supposed companies involved in the matter. So for now we’ll just have to trust the word of someone who’s name we do not know.