Videogame voice actor among casualties in Mumbai

According to 1UP and CBS, the chaos in Mumbai that shocked the world has touched the gaming community as well. Michael Rudder, a Canadian voice actor with credits from Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, or Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, was shot three times while eating dinner in the restaurant of his hotel.

Rudder was in India on a spiritual retreat with the Synchroncity Foundation, a mediation group based in Virginia. After being hit, he was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. The Synchroncity Foundation’s website reports that after an eight week stay in the hospital, Rudder should fully recover.

In total, six Synchroncity members were hit in the attack. Two were fatally wounded.

On this site, we complain about hardware mishaps, online multiplayer lag, and disappointing gameplay. Stories like this highlight the triviality of our blogging pursuits while pointing out the more fundamental and meaningful aspects of our lives. That is not to say that the gaming industry is not worth writing about, but a tragedy like this reminds us to appreciate the world outside of consoles and PC’s.

Our hopes and prayers go out to Rudder, his family, and anyone else affected by these events.