Burnout Paradise charges for entry to Big Surf Island

Criterion have announced that the forthcoming Burnout Paradise downloadable content, Big Surf Island , will not be free as previously stated. According to the developer’s blog, the decision was made after the expansion took on a life of its own. “We never expected to create anything this ambitious for the island, but as it progressed we got more and more excited about what it could become… Big Surf is the culmination of everything we learned creating Paradise City, and we want it to bring you a truly spectacular new experience – the highlight of a year of incredible premium content.”

Conceived as a big ol’ playground of carnage, Big Surf Island is all about jumps and stunts. The developers liken it to the Quarry, Airfield or Big Surf Beach areas, except bigger. Much bigger. With all the love, care and free-ness Criterion have put into Paradise’s DLC, it’s really hard to begrudge them a few pennies for Big Surf Island, especially when it looks as fun as this. Just how many pennies we’ll have to part with is yet to be officially announced, however, as is the release date. We’ll bring news when it hits.