Cursed Mountain reveals why monks know kung-fu

If the above trailer for Deep Silver’s new game Cursed Mountain doesn’t pique your curiosity then you should probably get the part of your brain that tells you when a game looks interesting checked out. I know a guy who can do it on the cheap. There’s interesting looking gameplay mechanics, buddhist monks and some down right creepy locales. Plus the graphics quality seems to have picked up a bit since we last saw the game. The dodgy Scottish accents still concern me though.

Seriously, it’s just nice to see more and more content like this coming out on the Wii. If Nintendo isn’t going to be bringing us what we want than I’m glad some other developers are stepping in. Deep Silver’s track record is a bit hit and miss, but it does appear that they’re going all out with this one so hopefully it pays off for both us and them. Remember if we don’t support the mature games on the Wii they won’t make them.