MK vs. DCU, now with more BOW-CHIKA-BOW-WOW!

“You know that game you play with the fortune cookies when you’re out for Chinese and need a sexual tension breaker? The one where you append ‘…in bed!’ to the end of everyone’s fortune,” says Joe McNeilly, Senior Editor for Games Radar. “That’s more or less how this video got started.”

The story mode for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is as heroically epic as it is horrendously silly, featuring some of the most overblown, pun definitely intended, voice acting this side of the adult film industry. So, it seems only fitting that Games Radar has ridden this sexy thought train all the way to its logical and salacious conclusion, an innuendo-filled masterpiece in which words have been selectively bleeped, ironically resulting in the most uncensored look yet at the twisted sexual exploits of MK vs. DC. Don’t let the little ones see this unless you’re ready to explain what Superman is doing to Darkseid’s “Boom Tube.”

But the most disturbing part, I think it makes more sense than the original plot line.