Prince of Persia teases us one last time

Today is the day the sexy, new re-reboot of Prince of Persia does some gymnastics into stores on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. To celebrate, we’re bringing you the third and final video vignette, showing not just how face meltingly beautiful the game is or how Elika is sure to be the target of naughty drawings in the near future, but the sheer badassedness of a team she and the Prince make. Oh, let’s not forget about the Prince with his claw which is used better than Cary Elwes’ in Liar, Liar. If I had a claw like that, I’d get some damn respect and free lunches.

I know there are more than a few of us here that would punch out a loved one to stop their yapping so we can play this hot property in peace, but we’re dirty animals with no sense of class or civility. Will you be joining us in the den of sin with great abandon or are you afraid the Prince may get all emo (again) and acquire an assistant manager position at Hot Topic? Assistant managers don’t get free lunches, just so you know.