The Bible is no longer the most epic book ever written

There are moments in a person’s life that can connect on a level where they feel as if it was meant just for them. The release of Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts, a book by former editor-in-chief of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Rob Smith, is that moment for me. You may think the book is for you, but I’m letting you know: it’s all mine.

The 250+ page awesomeopedia™ details how LucasArts came to be and go on to make some of the baddest (Sho’nuff!) games ever, including The Secret of Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, and features over 300 pieces of artwork spanning the company’s rich history. If the mere thought of the words and images on the pages within this sacred tome don’t give you a nerd boner, then I really don’t think we can be friends and you should pay me back all that money you borrowed — so I can buy this book.

With the holiday season in full swing, this could be quite the special gift for a loved one, yourself or your favorite videogame blogger. Pre-orders are currently being taken at the publisher’s website and, I’m assuming, wherever else fine literature is sold. If you live in the San Francisco area, there will be a release event where you can meet the author, the game makers and play some of the masterpieces highlighted in the book on Dec. 4. However, if you go and rub it in my face, I will cry until my mom calls your parents and gets you grounded. Now I have to go tell my zombie books and graphic novels that they’re no longer special.