Call of Duty: World at War to get unusual DLC

Call of Duty: World at War doesn’t really stray far from the Modern Warfare template does it? It does everything well, it just doesn’t do much that’s different. OK, maybe the Nazi-zombie-house-siege element was a little different, but you know what I’m saying — stop being awkward. CoD: WaW‘s downloadable content may throw up a few more surprises though, as Activision is promising something less ‘traditional’.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, World at War‘s executive producer Daniel Suarez has suggested that fans can expect more than just the single map-pack provided by Modern Warfare. As the official announcement isn’t due until the New Year, Suarez wasn’t prepared to give too much away, saying only, “It’s not going to be what we’ve done traditionally. I’ll leave it a little bit mysterious.” All he was willing to reveal was that the DLC is planned to roll out over two or three separate packs. That dirty tease.

What do you reckon then? Multiplayer pirate boat raids? Fully integrated Xbox 360 Avatars with new headshot and limb-loss animations!? A Nintendogs style minigame to deal with those pesky German Shephards? Who am I kidding, it’s probably just new guns.