DC Universe is coming much, much slower than a speeding bullet

A superhero MMO is nothing new and it’s already been done well. But who wants to play with made-up superheroes in a made-up world when you can play with made-up superheroes with established comic books in an established made-up universe. DC Universe should offer just that, but don’t get ready to play any time soon. Geoff Johns, the writer for the game, says that it won’t be coming out until late 2009 or early 2010. No chance of punching Batman in the balls until then.

Furthermore, we might be seeing some Crisis on Infinite Earths action or Final Crisis action or Infinite Crisis action — you know, the stuff with parallel universes. Johns said that ”Each player represents a parallel Earth in a way. I like that idea, when you’re entering it for the first time. There are some major storylines that you can play out and live.” Doesn’t look like we’ll be walking around as Clark Kent either. Johns says that a person’s secret identity is themselves at the computer. How terribly meta.