Games for Windows Live standalone client, yay…

So the long overdue Games for Windows Live standalone client is now available for download. It has an amazing array of hot features no one can pass up! Allow me to list them for you in the utmost and greatest detail. Feature number 1: the ability to purchase, download and manage games from the Games for Windows Live Marketplace. Feature number 2: oh wait, hold on I must have misplaced the rest of this list. Oh, hmm. Yea that’s it, nothing to see here, it’s over folks. No friends list, no message center and no achievement browsing? Huh?

It’s really unfortunate how hard Microsoft fails when it comes to the borderline vaporware that Games for Windows Live has become. We were wooed with promises of a bright future with the Games for Windows Live initiative, PC’s very own version of the amazing Xbox Live system. But so far those promises have been empty. While the initiative does enforce some nice standards on developers, like requiring widescreen formats, it falls short of the already established competitor in this market, Steam. Valve has beaten Microsoft at its own game, with far less resources. It’s a shame really, considering how good Xbox Live is. Why can’t Games for Windows Live be that good? For now it seems Steam shall remain champion on the PC as the premiere platform, with its fantastic marketplace, achievement and community features. GFWL has some major catching up to do, get cracking Microsoft, we know you can do it.