It’s finally legal to drink beer and drive

The world is now a better place for those wanting to push the pedal to the metal and be intoxicated at the same time. Arcade system-developer Dream Arcades have enriched society with a Beer Arcade Racing Simulator for home use called Octane 120, now compatible with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The beermobile already comes with a high-end PC and 12 modern racing games, so practically everything is playable.

Apart from the beer taps (one located in the “trunk” and one in the dash) the Octane 120 is also delivered with a high output projector, a 120 inch portable projection screen and the obvious 5.1 surround sound. Other features of this devilish cyborg (I can keep going forever with the names) are the following:

– Fully adjustable steering wheel and seat
– Leather wrapped Steering wheel and shifter
– Dual motor force feedback
– Metal Gas, Clutch and Break pedals with variable resistance
– Conveniently located cup holder allows you to pour a drink while you play.

“The Octane 120 still features everything that a guy could possibly want in a home arcade racing cabinet,” says Dream Arcades owner Michael Ware. “With the addition of the Xbox 360 gamers can now use it even more like a home theater by connecting it to NetFlix to download more than 12,000 TV shows and movies,” he proclaimed.

Before you do anything rash, you should first make sure that you’re single, bored and too wealthy for your own good. The price of this wedding crasher is a mere $6,995 so think once, twice and thrice before doing anything stupid.