N•Revolution shutting down, blame the fall on Nintendo demographic

N•Revolution magazine was created to go hand-and-hand with all the latest news, reviews, and rumors surrounding releases for the Nintendo DS and Wii. With both systems selling at break neck speeds, one would think the UK based magazine would be flourishing. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, as N•Revolution has announced that they are calling it quits.

Damian Butt, the managing director for the magazine, puts the blame on Nintendo’s move from the hardcore to the casual, “The decision to suspend N•Revolution has been taken because it has become increasingly obvious that Nintendo’s strategy for Wii and DS is no longer in line with Imagine Publishing’s target readership, and has moved increasingly away from the hardcore gaming community that is our specialty.”

Ouch. Butt irons out the thought process that went into this decision by adding, “With many new launches and especially acquisitions coming to fruition, we believe the resources and manpower are better spent in other markets where advertising revenue and PR support are stronger and sustained.”

If you were a fan of N•Revolution don’t worry, they will be taking their printed format and spreading it out in other publications owned by parent company Imagine Publishing, as well as on the website NowGamer.com.