Update / Well this is just plain offensive

Reports are flooding in across the internet from reporters a bit luckier than we are at TVGB that some pretty offensive stuff is coming out of the mouth of a sheep in reporters’ copies of Nintendo’s 2005 DS game Animal Crossing: Wild World. See Nintendo sent the game opened and completed to reporters so that they could upload all the unlocked features on Animal Crossing: City Folk. One of the features of the game is to customize in game character’s greetings. Some Nintendo employee who had beaten the game went ahead an customized the town’s sheep’s, Baabara, greeting as “What up N—a.”

Yea, that ain’t the end of it. The sheep pretty much drops the N word non-stop. “I almost forgot about you, N—-a,” “So got any juicy gossip for me, N—-a?,” “Just thinking about it gets me all excited, N—-a,” are used repeatedly. Looks like Nintendo used the same save file for the game over and over and thus sent every industry journalist who got one a game with a highly offensive word in it. No word has been issued from Nintendo, but who wants to lay money on someone getting fired over this and a great big apology rolling out any day now?

I’m sure whoever put this into the game was just trying to be funny at the time they did it, but even that isn’t acceptable. I don’t want to go off on a rant here so I’ll just wrap it up with a giant facepalm and a slow disappointed head shake.

Update: It’s the internets fault.