Riddick shows off new moves in Dark Athena debut trailer

You know, I wasn’t really all that hot for the announcement of a remake of the original Riddick game. Added content or not, there’s just something wrong about remaking the only game in a franchise after just a few years. However, this debut trailer hits all the right chords and shows enough freshness to get this sci-fi nut plenty excited for some more Riddick badassery. In fact, the added playtime — which comes in the form of a new chapter carrying the remake’s name, Assault on Dark Athena — will reportedly match the original game’s length, making a lot of people look at this as a sequel. Either way, the Vin Diesel-played Furyan anti-hero seems as badass as ever and with new moves, new bad guys, an added multiplayer component, upgraded visuals and lines few besides Riddick can pull off, it might just be the right time to revisit the beefed up universe next year.