Square Enix interested in Eidos

It’s not much of a secret that almost every Japanese game developer outside of Nintendo is looking to recapture the western market from western game developers. There are two ways to do this. One being develop more games with a western slant or two, and you need silly Square Enix money to pull this one off, buy a western studio with already established games that are popular in the west. Since Square Enix does have silly Square Enix money, they’re taking the latter route. MCV is reporting that the company has shown strong interest in buying the floundering Eidos, making them and Warner Brothers the top two contenders.

Although the analyst seem to be predicting that WB will win the bidding war since they already hold a 30 percent share in Eidos, many believe that Square Enix shareholders are looking for an all-or-nothing bid for Eidos instead of just buying out a few franchises. Representatives of Square have already traveled to a few of Eidos’ development studious in Europe and it seems interest is very high with sources saying, “I think Warners will still win, but it’s very interesting that Square have expressed this late interest. They are clearly looking for Western talent.”