Frozenbyte announces pretty new game Trine

You may know Frozenbyte for having worked on the Shadowgrounds games. If not, that’s ok, because this new one they just announced, Trine, looks like a real attention grabber. Well, I’m intrigued at least. First of all, it’s pretty. Second, it’s an action fantasy game that is putting out a sort of a LittleBigPlanet vibe, which is the kind of combination I can get behind. You assume the role of three heroes, a Warrior, a Wizard, and a Thief, and each have their own distinct skills. The Warrior bashes, the Wizard conjures useful stuff, and the Thief is agile and jumpy. You can switch between the three at any time during play, giving you the chance to be resourceful and often reliant on physics to find your way through levels and against a whole bunch of expected fantasy-themed monsters. Being distributed by Nobilis, Trine will be released for PlayStation 3 via PSN, and for PC, likely also by downloadable means.