Mario Kart in real life

To hear them tell it, the French pretty much invented wit. Nothing was more valued among the powdered wig set than a razor wit and an acid tongue, which served as social currency in the Royal court. In fact, the concept of wit is so ingrained into the French culture that their language actually distinguishes between the bon mot, the witty remark you said, and the espirit d’escalier, the witty remark you wish you’d said but don’t think of until half an hour later, when you’re sitting alone in your car.

This truncated history lesson just goes to show you how much comedic standards have changed since the time of Louis XVI, as clearly evidenced by this video of some French guy named Rémi Gaillard tooling around the streets of France in a certain fictional plumber’s tradmark garb. Seems this prankster thought it would be a good idea to stage a real world Mario Kart race, complete with banana peels.

It sorta strays from the source material when Mario tries to flee from the cops, his open-wheeled kart proving no match for their “Minivan of Justice,” but otherwise it’s a pretty good Nintendo-themed prank. I give it three Smirkin’ Louis Heads.