Resident Evil 5 demo hits Japan but that’s not going to stop you

I think it’s safe to assume if you’re a gamer with a pulse that likes to kill things lacking one game then you’re counting down the days until Resident Evil 5 hits store shelves. If you can’t stand the anticipation then you should know a demo for the game has hit the Xbox 360 but, it’s really just a tease (normally I’d make a joke about a prom date here, but I’ve probably beaten that horse to death) unless you live in Japan…or is it?

Capcom had said the demo for RE5 would hit Japan first, and “a bit later” for other markets which translates to around 14 seconds for rebels and forward-thinkers because electronic, region barriers have the stopping power of an angry mosquito. So, how does one from areas outside Japan get their hands on this hot, little demo? For starters, you could, theoretically, create a Japanese XBL account and flex those almighty powers of anti-authority because you make your own damn rules. If anyone asks how you came upon this information, tell them a sexy rogue left a note in the night. The best part: you’d be telling the truth.