Scribblenauts features scribbles, words and awesome

Earlier this week, 5th Cell, developers of Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest, announced they were announcing a brand-new game on the 5th (clever monkeys, aren’t they?). So as not to go back on their word and make all the little children (read: grown-up gamers) cry, they’ve pulled the sheets off their newest masterwork: Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS.

From what’s shown in the trailer, I’d say it’s like an amalgam of Drawn to Life‘s visual style and creation aspects blended with a text-based adventure game from the old days, which instantly turns my radar on with its quirky and unique approach. However, I wonder how in-depth the “spelling”┬ásystem works and whether there’s a set number of items/words or if you’ll be able to create your own objects and name them appropriately. Eh, who am I kidding? You know things will be named inappropriately and it’ll take a nanosecond for someone to try and solve a puzzle with “penis” or “sex.” That someone is me.

Scribblenauts is due out Fall 2009 with the official website launching on Dec. 8.