Kitten killed following Grand Theft Auto session

This is a story guaranteed to put a damper on our mornings. Grand Theft Auto has been blamed for just about any crime perpetrated after spending time with it. Its incredibly suggestive power to seduce people into a state of violence has been the argument of parents and law enforcement officials alike for years. The latest Grand Theft escapade involves two boys in Mesa, Arizona aged 6 and 7, who allegedly killed a kitten after playing GTA back in October of this year.

The investigation started when someone found a dead cat strung up by its neck with a wire from a videogame controller. Upon further examination, the cat appeared to have been stoned before it was hung. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said, “This game allows players to kill cops and rape women. It’s little wonder why they perpetrated such violence against that little animal.”

Of course torturing and killing animals is a sign of a much deeper psychological problem other than just influnce from playing a violent videogame. The boys can’t be charged because their juridiction won’t charge a child under 8 years old with a crime.