Economy strikes Factor 5

Yes, so we all know the United States is officially in a recession. Stuff like this happens, everyone just keep calm. You have nothing to worry about right? That next Rogue Squadron game is sure to be coming out soon, and will wash all your problems away. Well guess what, you thought wrong. Factor 5, developer of the dragon-rider Lair and the Rogue Squadron series, may have to (blog now open to invited readers only, source two here) cut some projects and jobs. But how bad is it?

Oh, its bad. Sam Baker, an animator at Factor 5, came back from an outside project only to discover that his colleagues hadn’t been paid in the last month. Then if that wasn’t enough to sour the mood, Baker claims that Factor 5 president, Julian Eggebrecht, allegedly told employees that if the company didn’t find money within a week; they might want to start looking for other jobs. Granted, this is all word form one blogger, and the company hasn’t come out with an official comment. If this is true though, I wouldn’t count on blasting away any Tie-fighters soon.