What Just Happened? [Dec. 01 – Dec. 07]

What Just Happened? is a feature recapping the week’s most interesting stories.

It’s been a busy week in the gamersphere. Games were confirmed, games were denied, games were… teased? Oh, and a certain family-oriented game was marred by a couple of strategically-placed racial slurs. So…it was actually a pretty typical week for gamers, come to think of it. We’re not complaining though. I mean, if we didn’t have games industry drama to obsess over we’d have to worry about actual social interactions with living, breathing human beings… *shudders*. Check out our fantastic list below for some of the more interesting bits of the week.

Look Ma! We’re on the interwebs

Newer Xbox 360 model a savior against the RRoD?

Black Mesa trailer puts Half-Life:Source to shame

Analyst predicts Nintendo makes $6 on every Wii sold

Uncharted 2: The Search for Santa’s Gold

Gabe Newell says DRM is dumb

Nintendo DSi gets cracked

Call of Duty: World at War to get unusual DLC

Call of Duty 6 goes back to the present

Well this is just plain offensive

In case you were worried, videogame consoles aren’t dead

Square Enix interested in Eidos

Chop, err… rock till you drop with the Dead Rising trailer

Killzone 2 release date announced

A next Metal Gear is… on?

Red Faction: Guerrilla trailer is looking sweet