Atlus jokes about ESRB leaks

After Atlus-loving game site Siliconera stumbled upon three of their upcoming titles – My World My Way, Steal Princess, and The Dark Spire – on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board’s website before they had a chance to officially announce them, the company responded with a revolutionary new strategy for revealing games.

While Siliconera was prepared to brave the storm of corporate disapproval for prematurely exposing the gaming goodness to the interwebs, they weren’t expecting Aram Jabbari, Public Relations Manager for Atlus, to issue a “press release” revealing that all future game announcements will be made by sneaking them into the ESRB’s website for only a handful of passionate, obsessive Atlus faithful to discover and disseminate throughout the blogosphere.

“Allowing information about our upcoming titles to be silently posted on ESRB’s website has been a triumph, and we’ve decided to abandon all direct, overt disclosures of our future games in favor of quietly allowing the posting of new titles onto,” says Jabbari. “We really feel that indirectly leaking all future game announcements and hoping a few people stumble upon them and tell everyone they know is the best way to go at this juncture.”

As if I needed another reason to love Atlus!