Boom Blox recreates 8-bit gaming classics

I am on a real emotional roller coaster when it comes to rendering a verdict on this video, a recreation of 8-bit gaming classics of yesteryear using Boom Blox‘s level editor, the redheaded stepchild to LittleBigPlanet‘s decidedly more extensive, but distressingly more moderated design toolkit.

On the one hand, it’s awesome to see these old school gems – which include Super Mario Bros., Galaga, Duck Hunt, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong – lovingly and no doubt laboriously crafted in Boom Blox form. Recreating games within games is so freakin’ meta, it makes me dizzy with glee. “Glizzy” if you will. On the other hand, those Bloxians really need to get the lead out. That lumbering, zombiefied vision of my beloved Mario causes me to pray for a death that will not come.

I guess the scales ultimately tip in favor of bitchin’, considering how miserable the Boom Blox editor is, especially when you’re having to wiggle and waggle your way toward an authentic 8-bit gaming homage.