Brütal Legend teaser puts the “um” in umlaut

Oh, that was very, uh…nothing. Unless being disappointing and unfulfilling counts as something. And it doesn’t. Guess those motherless bastards at Spike are really going to make us tune in to their dumbed-down 2008 Video Game Awards – Sunday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, only on Spike!

I don’t trust them to provide even remotely insightful, entertaining or exciting gaming industry coverage. I do trust them to play Star Trek: The Next Generation one-hundred billion times per day, ad nauseam. I guess the silver lining of this crap cloud, if there is one, is that this so-called teaser trailer further bolsters suspicions that Brütal Legend has finally found a publisher and will soon be melting our faces off with its godlike Schafer-crafted gameplay and storyline.