Dennis Hopper says we’re gonna love Deadly Creatures

Hardcore Wii gamers (yep, still out there) took a hit last week when it was confirmed that Deadly Creatures has been pushed back to February. This move can only help gamers, if Rainbow Studios are still polishing the game that is, and THQ because it gives them more time to turn up the hype in traditional videogame fashion; and what better way to draw attention to a product than with celebrity endorsements?

Rainbow has served up this new behind the scenes glimpse of Dennis Hopper in the recording studio, with a few cuts of the game and some juicy bits thrown in for flavor. Antagonist/desert enthusiast George Struggs is coming along nicely as a sick and interesting character, with his creature collecting and ominous word slinging about deadly desert life. We now know that Struggs and Wade are looking for buried Civil War gold, and that a crazy dude wielding a shot gun gets top prize as most deadly creature (though we may argue that last part in favor of the crazy chainsaw wielding guy from RE4).

We think highly of King Koopa around here and are thrilled that he thinks highly of his new videogame connection saying, “Gamers are gonna love Deadly Creatures.” We sure hope so your majesty, some of us still have a bad taste in our mouths from the last time.