Online shooter Parabellum gets deep voiced new trailer

Here’s a new trailer for upcoming MMO-FPS, Parabellum. It’s a free-to-play PC shooter built using Unreal Engine 3, has at least one gravelly voiced bald bloke in it and looks like it might be fun. Set in the near future, players choose to join one of two factions – goody two-shoes’ The CTF, or bloodthirsty anarchists The Syndicate. Battles take place over an entire city, with the developers hinting at a bit of open-world action. Makers ACONY promise a whole slew of character customization and unlockable goodies too, all of which will be available without dusting off your credit crunched wallet.

Applications for a closed beta test are being accepted over at the official Parabellum site. The game gets a proper release early next year.