Square Enix wanted Final Fantasy XI on the PS3

If there’s any company out there that knows their way around the role-playing games genre, it’s Square Enix. After spanning many chapters, plot developments and one lackluster big-budget movie, Final Fantasy is still one of the most beloved franchises in the industry. Square Enix knows this and in an attempt to capitalize on this success for the current-gen market, was in talks with Sony about porting Final Fantasy XI over to the PS3.

During an interview at a recent Fan Fest event in Hollywood, FFXI producer Hiromichi Tanaka said: “Initially we were in talks with a representative from Sony, but it appears that that person quit.” Now you may be wondering whatever happened to the possibility of the port after this unfortunate setback? Tanaka explained that it would be ‘hugely difficult’ for Square Enix to get a working version of the game running on the current hardware that PS3’s employ, mainly because of the whole emulation issue. Tanaka says “Digital downloads wouldn’t work for this. The disc has to be in the system for the emulator to work.” He says that in order for the game to work on the console Sony would have to look into the problem and “it doesn’t look like Sony has any plans to address that issue.”

It’s not all bad, seeing that you can still get the game running on a PC, PS2 with harddrive, or Xbox 360. But sadly if you own a PS3 and want to run the game, you’re out of luck.