We really, REALLY hope Deer Drive is a joke

It’s been a mighty long day here in the TVGB offices (hey, we can dream, can’t we?), so how about a little comedy to send the day off with a bang? Now, let us start off by saying that the video above may well be a joke for all we know. We’ve heard literally nothing about Deer Drive before this trailer came out, but seeing as it’s a super-obscure Wii title, that’s not entirely out of the ordinary. Basically all we can say is that the trailer made us laugh and cringe at the same time. You see, it IS rather funny to watch dozens of huge animals running around like crazy in an open clearing, but it’s also rather “ew” to hear the announcer yell out “LUNG SHOT!” as you dispatch an innocent deer in cold blood. On a final note, does anyone else find it odd how close the co-op hunters are standing next to each other (the guns are litterally 6 inches apart, at most), or is it just us?