Experience Paradise City on PC for free

Criterion continues to impress its fans with a constant influx of both free and premium content for Burnout Paradise. Recently Criterion announced The Ultimate Box that will include every update pack to the game including the Cagney Pack, Bikes Pack and Party Pack. Burnout Paradise will makes its debut on the PC in February 2009 and PC gamers will be able to test out Paradise City for free.

This is more than a demo. The entire game will be unlocked for a limited time so that we can decide for ourselves whether to buy the full game. We don’t want to force anyone’s hands here, but yeah, we think it’s worth the $40 price tag. Technically every single thing in the game can be unlocked without ever buying it. It’ll take dozens upon dozens of hours but it’s possible. The multiplayer experience is where the real replay value comes in and Criterion isn’t done cranking out the updates yet. The Big Surf Island expansion is also coming out in 2009 that will bring a whole new area to explore and an unannounced pack will be unveiled on January 16, 2009.