Piranha Byte’s new RPG Risen is getting ready

My sincere apologies for scaring the crap out of you, but I couldn’t resist using that image. It’s called an Ashbest and is a monster that dwells in the world of Risen, a forthcoming RPG from Piranha Bytes which today released three screenshots and some sought-after info about the game. The game, which Piranha Bytes have partnered with Deep Silver to produce, is an RPG where the protagonist finds himself on an anigmatic island after being shipwrecked. The center of the island holds an active volcano and strange temples have risen to the ground – accompanied by frightening creatures as can be seen above.

Pixelbytes managed to get hold of Ralf Marczinczik, graphic artist at Piranha Bytes, for an interview. Although being very secretive, he managed to reveal some very interesting features about the game. “You have tremendous detail in the world- and lot´s of stuff to explore. And all this is set by hand. No random elements like some other games. Very controlled and tastefully arranged. And of course you have to take into your consideration, that we also have to deliver the standard GFX-FX that people expect from a game like this,” he disclosed after being asked how Risen was going to amaze the world.

It also seems like we won’t have to wait forever to see this game come alive. “We are entering the polishing and debugging phase with alarming speed,” Marczinczik concluded.

Don’t forget to check out the awesome artwork while you’re at it.