Witcher confirms DLC for consoles, plans for world conquest

Seems CD Projekt, the Polish videogame publisher and distributor behind The Witcher and its upcoming console-friendly port The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, aren’t content to simply be named “Entrepeneur’s of the Year” – no, they will stop at nothing short of global domination.

“Global domination is, of course, the only reason anyone would ever make a console game,” joked VP of marketing Tom Ohle. “There are a lot of gamers out there who’ve either never heard of the game or have heard good things but can’t play it because they don’t have a gaming-capable PC. We want as many people as possible to experience The Witcher, and that’s probably the leading factor in our decision to make Rise of the White Wolf.”

Ohle confirmed that Rise of the White Wolf, in addition to the host of tweaks we already mentioned, will include some primo downloadable content. “We wanted to meet console users’ expectations,” said Ohle, who takes understandable umbrage at labeling the console version just another port. “We’re not just slapping together a port and are actually making a game built from the ground up to be an amazing console RPG.”

Silly CD Projekt! Putting so much extra time and effort into making a great game even greater, when all you had to do to meet – nay, I dare say exceed console player’s expectations was to keep those naked lady cards!