Cosmetic surgery comes to WoW

Need to get rid of unsightly bags under your eyes from long nights defending against the legions of Scourge? Tired of being hit on by overzealous teenagers who think you’re a girl because your character is female? Those face tattoos aren’t doing it for you anymore? Well you’re in luck! Introducing The Blizzard Chop Shop, aka Paid Character Re-Customization Service!

Diving slightly deeper into the micro-transaction world, Blizzard is now offering up the ability to re-customize your World of Warcraft character for a fee of 15$ per character. For that fee you’ll be able to change the name, gender, hair and facial features of your character. You cannot change races, factions or class. I never thought I’d see the day that I could get virtual cosmetic surgery and even gender reassignment. As someone who plays a female character, I can say that the idea of switching over has definitely crossed my mind. We fully understand why someone would want this option to exist, but we’re not so sure it’s really necessary.