echochrome gets one update times a thousand

One of the oddest games available on the PlayStation Network is echochrome. It’s even so unique the developers chose not to capitalize the first letter in the title. It came out in May 2008 and noticeably stood out from what we’ve been used to seeing in downloadable games. Sony has broken its silence today to announce that echochrome will finally be seeing Trophy support and players will have access to 1,000 new user created stages.

The levels will show up at random during Freeform mode. While we’re bending our minds in twine we can take a moment to use the new screenshot function that’s also being introduced into echochrome today. echochrome now boasts over 3,700 user generated stages with a ton more on the way. The team is working on another update to bring to us in the future as well. No information on that yet other than its confirmed existence.