Sony preparing to unleash flower power

Do potted plants dream? Damn straight they do, and in gorgeous high definition, as evidenced in That Game Company’s latest high-concept creation, Flower.

From the award-winning creators of flOw and Cloud, Flower looks to be an enthralling, enchanting title in which the environment serves as more than just pretty window dressing, becoming the central character. You play as a flower, depressed by life in the noisy, grungy city, whose dreams are anything but lifeless. Starting with a single petal blown from a solitary flower, you will soon be steering a swirling vortex of colorful plant parts, eventually triggering transformation sequences that restore color and life to the once dead landscape.

So, are you controlling the petal or the wind? Flower leaves that up to you, in the same way it allows you to define your own style of play. Be it racing to the end of the level or taking time to enjoy the view, it’s up to you and you alone to decide how to best experience this zen sandbox. Personally, I can’t wait to explore the nocturnal musings of a potted plant.