Nintendo dominates industry in November

The Nintendo Wii industry phenomenon doesn’t appear to be in any danger of slowing down, as the latest NPD number tally has the Wii moving 2.01 million units in November alone. The Xbox 360 took the second spot among the current-gen systems with 836,000 units sold, and bringing up the rear was the PS3 with 378,000. Looking at how each of the consoles fared this year versus their sales last year, Nintendo (981,000) and Microsoft (777,000) both saw an increase while Sony (466,000) went down by 88,000 units.

Anita Frazier, an analyst for the NPD Group, makes it clear why the Wii managed to have such a strong showing this November: “The expanded supply of Wii systems at retail was clearly evident in the sales figures this month.” Looking beyond the Wii, it was a dominating month for Nintendo with the DS as well — 1,57 million sold in comparison to 421,000 PSPs.

November’s total hardware sales of $2.91 billion — an increase of 10% from the same time period in 2007 — tends to show that holiday shopping is already in full effect.