Place your bets on top selling game of Holiday 2008

You can literally gamble on anything. It’s the truth. Bookies will take someone’s money for any reason under the sun. For instance the ELSPA is reporting that the list of predicted top sellers has just been released and already the book has opened for the top selling game of the holiday season and, where it is legal, you can put your money down one assumes. Call of Duty: World at War is at the top of the predicted best sellers list with Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed coming in the least likely to be the best seller of the games remotely in contention.

So what are the actual odds. Well after the jump the full list appears, but Call of Duty has a dominate chance of winning with 3/1 odds of being the top selling holiday game. The next closest is Fifa 09 with 6/1 odds. Judging from the sales numbers I’d say that COD5 is pretty well entrenched as the top game and putting money on it would be what they call a “safe bet.” Then again, according to the bookies at Ladbrokes, a leading bookmaker, Mario Kart Wii has closed in from 40/1 to 7/1, so maybe there are no safe bets except to not bet on holiday videogames at all.