Rock Band 2 might be the perfect Wii Christmas gift

It could also be the worst one ever because it might not be in any stores before Christmas. However, if you like to roll the dice than wait and see. Rock Band 2 will ship for the Wii on Dec. 18, meaning it could arrive as late Christmas Eve to a local store near you. Now I do all my shopping on Christmas Eve so everyone I know just gets sox, but I doubt that’s something most people would like to do, especially for a product as hot as Rock Band 2 on the number one system in the country.

There is some good news though. The DLC for the Wii will be kicking in right away, as it should since the game is coming out so late. It’ll kick off with 20 free Rock Band 2 downloadable tracks as well as 30 other tracks already released into the Rock Band music catalog of downloadable content. No Wii exclusives for all those people out there who were waiting to play it on Nintendo’s system. New music will be coming out every week though, so at least the Wii is keeping up with the Joneses. For some odd reason ten bucks is being knocked off the price of the game by itself ($49.99) but the whole package still costs the same as the 360 and PS3 versions ($189.99).