World Of Warcraft “top reason” for college dropouts

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong, someone has actually blamed World of Warcraft for students’ lackluster grades. Normally we would shrug off such a story, but when that someone is the FCC Commissioner we can’t help but post it. Oh yes, Deborah Taylor Tate has tapped into that commissioner wisdom and given us a forewarning about WoW‘s plans to disrupt our collegiate system. How does she come to this conclusion though?

“….but surveys show just the opposite: a late 2006 survey that showed 59% of parents think the internet has been a totally positive influence in their children’s lives — down from 67% in 2004. You might find it alarming that one of the top reasons for college drop-outs in the U.S. is online gaming addiction — such as World of Warcraft — which is played by 11 million individuals worldwide,” she said in a speech delivered to the Practicing Law Institute on Dec. 5.

Now, I’m no statistics analyst, but we don’t see the numbers linking WoW to college dropouts. I don’t doubt that there has been research done on the subject, but I’m skeptical that WoW is one of the “top” reason for college dropouts. As a college student myself, I have witnessed many colleagues dropout. However, their reasons usually fall under the “it’s too f***ing hard” category, rather than the “I need to raid some Alliance ass” category.