Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer makes you wish it was 2050

OK, this is going a little too far. I really wish Square-Enix would just stop releasing any teasers related to the Final Fantasy series, ever. Why? Because they are too damn awesome, and my body can’t take such abuse. So now I am going to force you, faithful reader, to partake in that abuse as well. Embedded above is the latest trailer from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The trailer was shown to press at the DKS3713 event (who names these things?) in Japan. Only now do we get to see why the journalist’s attending collapsed in their chairs and wept. In case you’ve been living in space for the past two years, Final Fantasy Versus is a spin-off of Final Fantasy XIII, and seems to take place in alternate modern day setting. Of course this is Square-Enix’s take on a modern day setting, so it is complete with emo children and fashionably dressed soldiers. Now if they could just give me the game before the End Times…

P.S. if anyone speaks Japanese, can you translate the opening speech on the radio? Because I’m pretty sure it says “We own your soul”.