Get your eat on in Azeroth

Before you read the rest of this post, I want you to think of that one crazy guy who got way to into his games. Yes, that guy who decorated his car like Link’s horse, Epona, and rode around town with a plastic sword screaming “Keeyah!”. Yeah, that guy. He’s got nothing on the owner of this restaurant in China. As you can tell in the embedded video above, one man loves his World of Warcraft… a lot. So much, that he decided to create a WHOLE restaurant themed after the game. This shrine is complete with giant LCD screens that feature gameplay, walls decorated with art from the game, and a menu with items named after characters and objects from the virtual world. The best part of the restaurant? The dining room is called “the hall of snowstorm”. You couldn’t hear that, but I just squealed like a little girl. Someone get me a ticket to China.